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Ebru TV engage in heated pay dispute with Benji Ndolo

Ebru TV has engaged in a heated dispute with their employee, political analyst, and activist, Benji Ndolo, over a pay cut that he reportedly suffered after testing positive for Covid-19.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, January 6, the political analyst claimed that he had put up with mistreatment at the station and accused its manager, Anab Mohamed, of harassing her workers.

According to Ndolo, many companies are mistreating their workers due to the current high level of unemployment in the country, with employers cutting pay without explanation, overworking workers, issuing warning letters without reason, firing workers, and mistreating interns.

The vocal activists also accused the manager of being abusive and discriminatory.

“How do you have an employee who comes back from recovery, then you cut his pay?” Ndolo posed.

Ndolo noted that many Kenyans choose to keep quiet, but he will fight for his right and justice by suing the station.

However, responding to the incident, the HR department at the TV station told journalists that their employee had been hired on a non-payment basis and received pay per appearance.

Ebru TV further maintained that Ndolo paid for all his services since October and only hosted one show in December.

The broadcaster also denied being aware of Ndolo’s Covid-19 diagnosis, which he had shared on his social media platforms.

They further claimed that his pay cut was as a result of the reduced appearances on the show and was not related to Ndolo’s health status.

An HR officer at the station threatened to file a suit against the political analyst, stating that their interactions almost turned physical when he visited the office.

However, the activist denied the assault claims at the station, saying the confrontation only raised voices and was not physical.

He claimed that the issue was not unique to Ebru TV as most media houses in the country are used to mistreating people but most kept quiet, fearing to be fired.

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