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“Edgar Obare is the most jealous man in the world, ” Sarah Kabu says following Wajesus expose 

For a long time, Bonfire Adventures’ Sarah Kabu has been against Edgar Obare’s job, which she says is only centred on ruining celebrities’ lives.

Sarah Kabu is also a close friend to the Wajesus family and was not happy with the blogger exposing Kabi Wajesus recent incest scandal that shook the internet.

She went to her Instagram stories condemning Edgar and his followers.

She said they were all idol people and asked them to look for jobs instead of following gossip pages.

A curious fan asked how Sarah Kabu learnt about the Wajesus saga if she did not follow Obare’s gossip platform.

She claimed that she only follows motivational platforms and that she steers away from the negative energy from Edgar’s Instagram handle.

“I don’t follow such guys. Check the kind of pages I follow. I’m very cautious with what I feed my mind; otherwise, I’ll draw negative energy from him,” said Sarah Kabu.

She also blamed Edgar Obare for being responsible for the hate comments she receives on her social media platforms.

Sarah Kabu referred to Edgar as the ‘chairman of haters gossipers and the most jealous man in the world.’

Sarah kabu asked her fans who are more mature between her and Edgar and which page they receive more valuable information from.

Surprisingly all her fans deserted her, and only 11% voted for Sarah, with the rest vouching for Edgar Obare.

Simon Kabu cheating scandal

In the past, CEO of Bonfire adventures Simon Kabu was accused of having an affair with one of his secretary’s, Esther Njoroge.

The secretary was the best company’s employee for five years and went on to launch rival company, Bountiful Safaris.

Sarah Kabu today denied all those cheating claims and described Simon Kabu as the best husband in the world.

“Is it true that Simon Kabu cheated on you?” a curious fan inquired.

“Never ever. I have the best husband in the whole world. Many haters have tried sliding into his dm and failed,” answered Sarah Kabu.

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