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Model Ella Musangi breaks up with Jowie Irungu – reveals she lied about their marriage

Super-model Eleanor Musangi Ndambo alias Ella has revealed that she is no longer in a relationship with ex-convict Jowie Irungu who was released in March last year on bail.

She added that she lied about being married to Jowie and that he is also not the father of her daughter Chanel Nikita.

Ella shared the news through popular blogger Edgar Obare where she disclosed that she and Jowie parted amicably in December last year.

She made it clear she is no longer his manager, nor does she want to be associated with issues concerning the former felon as it may affect her professional career in the future.

She mentioned that Jowie has changed a lot for the better since they met and that he has moved on to better things now.

Why Ella lied about their marriage

Upon Jowie’s release from Kamiti Maximum prison, he went to live with his parents in Nakuru.

He was not allowed to leave the county by law officers as he had listed the area as his permanent place of residence.

Ella at the time, was living in Nairobi. She wanted to help Mr Irungu with his life and career, so she lied about being married to him as that was the only way Jowie could move out of Nakuru.

‘I lied about being married to Jowie because as of his court release, he was allowed to stay within the location he had given the court, and that was in Nakuru. So when I took him to my house, I stated that so he could be allowed Nairobi. I lied too that he was the father of my daughter, which he is not,” narrated Ella.

Ella continued to say that she helped Jowie out of her heart’s kindness, and thus he does not owe her anything.

She now intends to continue pursuing her International modelling career and other ventures.

”Jowie has never taken corrupted or taken advantage of me, and I let him live life like a free man. I don’t honestly regret helping Jowie in the vulnerable state I met him, but I don’t want my compassion to be used against me in other areas of life,” said Ella.

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