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Embarambamba defends himself after being spotted dirty dancing in a nightclub

Gospel artist Embarambamba is in hot soup after a video of him giving a raunchy performance in a nightclub went viral.

The fast-rising artist is famous for his crazy stunts and dance moves, including throwing himself in mud, climbing trees, or anything in sight.

However, this time he took it too far, and several Kenyans have come out to condemn his actions.

Embarambamba’s performance began normally, and his fans were quick to join him on stage.

To everyone’s shock, the Kisii musician ended up dry humping a male and female fan in front of hundreds of revellers.

Embarambamba has released a video via his Youtube channel, defending his questionable actions as a servant of God.

He asked Kenyans to listen and understand the message of the song he was performing before judging him.

According to the artist, the song was about how human beings engage in worldly desires and forget God. He claimed that he followed Jesus’ footsteps by engaging with sinners to bring them back to salvation.

He told Kenyans that he will not stop performing in bars of political meetings as that is how he will win more souls back to God.

“Before you comment on the video, understand the statement of the song. It says, ‘where did you get the guts to do stupid, immoral things and forget Jesus on the cross?’ Even Jesus came for sinners, so you can’t tell me not to perform in nightclubs and political rallies,” said Embarambamba.

Ceo of Kenyan Films classification board Ezekiel Mutua told Embarambamba he had crossed the line and termed his actions as gross.

He explained that he did not have a problem with him singing secular songs. However, he said that the explicit video equates to indecent exposure.

Aspiring politician Hon Ali Nur has promised to come to the aid of the Kisii artist instead of calling out his actions.

He mentioned that Embarambamba has already killed half of his career and that Kenyans might lose his rare talent if he fails to receive assistance.

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