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Eric Omondi cancels Wife material two over rogue contestant

Comedian and entertainer Eric Omondi has cancelled his much-awaited Wife Material 2 reality show a day before it officially began.

Eric disclosed that one of the contestants went utterly rogue, which made the environment unconducive for the rest of the ladies competing for Eric Omondi’s heart.

Eric tried his best to control the atmosphere in the house, but his efforts yielded no fruit, forcing him to end the show.

He announced the unfortunate news via his Instagram account. Luckily for his fans, Eric has promised to start season 3 as soon as he can.

“The show was to begin tomorrow as heavily advertised, but unfortunately, that won’t be so,” wrote Eric Omondi.

Several netizens who camped on Eric Omondi’s comment section suspected that Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money was responsible for the drama that ended wife material.

From the videos that Eric Omondi has been sharing of the ladies ever since they joined him this week, Gigy Money is spotted in several verbal altercations with the rest of the competitors.

A fan named Violet Nyongesa said, “Obvious Gigy Money ashaleta nuksi hata serikali ya Tanzania ilichoka na yeye ndo maana amefungiwa she can’t perform. Gigy anapenda vita tu na nuksi tuliona vodeo anataka kupigana tena.”

Another fan, Vanessa Kwamboka wrote, “I hope Gigy Money is on her way home, she can’t be bullying people like that.”

This was the second run of Wife Material 2, as it was previously banned over airing explicit content.

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua subsequently ordered the entertainer’s arrest for violating the Films and Stage Plays Act by producing and distributing unauthorised film content.

Eric Omondi has been a bachelor for two years since breaking up with his Italian girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli.

He had promised to choose a wife to wed from the Wife Material 2 contestants.

Most scenes from the show are scripted, including the club fight that happened before the previous run was cancelled.

Together with the nine ladies, Eric pretended they were arrested and slept in a police station following the staged fight.

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