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Eric Omondi reveals wife material show was scripted

After taking fans for a ride for a whole month, comedian Eric Omondi has finally revealed that his ‘Wife material’ show was choreographed and scripted.

Many fans speculated that the show was a hoax, but it was not until today that Eric Omondi confirmed the allegations through his Instagram account.

Apparently, the wife show material was meant to promote Eric Omondi’s newly opened studios, Big Tyme Entertainment. The company prides itself in the production of quality videos and music which Eric wanted to prove through his show.

The comedian was very excited about the positive response he received from Kenyans towards the show as it has been trending on Youtube ever since the first episode aired.

He applauded young socialite Shakilla for her acting skills which largely contributed to the show’s success.

He said that Shakilla deserves an Oscar especially for the impressive performance she put in disrupting Eric Omondi’s fake wedding.

The Wife material show was also meant to help relaunch the music career of Naiboi’s Bandbeca music group comprising of Becky and Carol(winner of the competition).

The duo has just released a brand new song dubbed ‘watch your mouth’ on Youtube and are set to release their first-ever album in February 2021.

Eric Omondi’s nine wives

On his Instagram post, Eric also thanked the nine ladies who joined the competition hoping to be his wife.

However, according to one of the competitors, it seemed that the ladies were unaware that the whole show was fake.

Shilah, who was one of the nine wive’s, commented on Eric Omondi’s post, saying that they deserved to be paid their dues if it was all a show.

The ladies were only given transport money back to their homes even though some of them hoped to make a lot of money out of it.

“Nahukutulipa na ilikua acting, umedidimiza talent badala ya kubuild. Natetea wanyonge na upcoming talents. ” wrote Shilah Vusha.

Eric Omondi is currently enjoying his fake honeymoon with Carol Kamweru at the coast.

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