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Comedian Eric Omondi tells off haters claiming his wedding was fake

Eric Omondi has finally spoken out after several Kenyans called him out for allegedly holding a fake wedding ceremony.

Despite documenting his relationship journey on Youtube, many Kenyans insisted that the comedian is busy trying to chase clout as he has run out of ideas for his online comedy skits.

However, a hardworking Eric Omondi refused to remain silent while people slandered his integrity, which he has struggled to build over the years.

Eric disappointed his haters, saying that he will soon have kids with Carol Kamweru (his wife) while they continue running their mouths with hateful statements.

He claimed that he is already used to all this online drama and that his life continues moving on regardless.

From an exclusive with Mpasho.co.ke, Eric Omondi disclosed that his wedding was held last week on Wednesday at Safari Park hotel. This was after he took Carol Kamweru to visit his mother for blessings on their upcoming marriage.

“Tutazaa tu mkisema ni kiki. Niliambia watu natafuta bibi wakasemani kiki, nikafanya all preparations wakasema ni kiki. Sasa nimefanya harusi, wameanza kusema ni kiki. I am used to all this drama.” said Eric Omondi.

Inconsistencies in Eric Omondi’s wedding

Several red flags from Eric Omondi’s wedding raised suspicion among online netizens as to whether the ceremony was legit.

First of all, none of Eric Omondi’s close friends or family members were seen at the wedding ceremony apart from his younger brother Fred Omondi.

Secondly, the simplicity of the ceremony showed that there was very little preparation done ahead of the big day.

Thirdly Eric Omondi is seen with the bride a few hours to the official wedding, despite it being a taboo among Kenyans for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.

Lastly, teen socialite Shakilla’s prompt to interrupt the wedding seemed so staged.

The 19-year-old tried to disrupt the wedding fully clad in an off-white wedding gown, claiming that she has received photos of the wedding, despite the fact that the photos were only released earlier today.

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