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Eric Omondi thanks KFCB boss Mutua in sarcastic message

In a mocking message, award-winning comedian Eric Omondi on Saturday 20 February 2021 thanked Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua for making his studios popular.

The three-time King on Comedy Africa took to his social media pages after the KFCB boss advised artists to be comfortable with criticism and people talking about them.

He added that that is one of the ways those people who do not like them advertise their brands without the celebrities having to pay anything.

The former Churchill show comedian who has in the past faced the bad side of Ezekiel Mutua sarcastically said that he totally agrees with his sentiments.

He added that the KFCB boss is the greatest marketer in the country and the fact that he always does it for free makes it quite unfair.

Eric Omondi reminded Ezekiel Mutua that he singlehandedly marketed his Big Tyme Entertainment Studios and offices located at Maji Mazuri road Lavington by calling them brothels.

He added that if he was the one who had marketed his own studios, it would have cost him millions of shillings.

The funnyman went on to tell Ezekiel Mutua that he was willing to pay him a cool Ksh. 75,000 for the good work he did for him.

He added that the only thing Mutua needs to do is for his offices to send him an invoice and everything else will be sorted.

“Please have your office send me an Invoice to Big Tyme Entertainment offices. I promise you (and you can count on my word) I will pay you a total sum of Ksh 750,000 if you invoice me,” read part of his statement.

Last year, Ezekiel Mutua called out Eric Omondi for purposely putting out inappropriate content online.

The KFCB boss admitted that the comedian is great at what he does but he needs to respect himself and obey the law.

He advised Eric to use his talents to promote positive social values as youths who follow him must not think that good comedy is nudity or vulgarity.

He added that the comedian should put a disclaimer in his content as he is mature enough to know what should not be viewed by children.

In a quick response, Omondi cautioned Ezekiel to stop using his name for publicity stunts.

He added that he has never seen Mutua supporting the entertainment industry yet he is always quick to criticize.

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