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Ezekiel Mutua calls out Jalang’o for interviewing the married twins

Regulator of Kenyan digital content, Ezekiel Mutua, has angrily lashed out at Kiss radio presenter Jalang’o after he hosted the married Chiweru twins on his Youtube channel earlier today.

The Kfcb boss was not happy with the fact that the celebrity gave a platform to people who are engaging in abominable behaviour according to society.

He claimed that Jalang’o was desperately trying to trend by airing the said show without caring about Kenya’s culture or morality.

According to Ezekiel Mutua, the airing of such content will not be allowed in the Kenyan mainstream.

Ezekiel Mutua vowed to pursue all legal means to ensure that nobody else will be allowed to air such content in the future.

He then informed all content producers that anyone who is caught showcasing immoral content on their online platforms would be held accountable for any breach of the law.

“These so called celebrities are looking for bizarre stories to trend at the expense of Kenya’s culture and morality. In the process they are normalizing and glorifying anti-social behavior that run counter to our culture. This is wrong and should not be allowed. Kfcb will pursue all legal means to stop this nonsense. User-generated content must adhere to the law. Those using online platforms to generate content for the public will be held accountable for any breach of the law. “wrote Ezekiel Mutua.

The video that put Jalang’o in trouble involved two twins who allegedly got married and are living together.

Going by the names Lexxy and Chiweru, the twins released a video on Tiktok where they shared their bizarre love story with the public.

They claimed to have fallen in love at a young age, which forced their parents to kick them out of their house as the relationship was taboo.

They then got married and had a child together at 17. However, they denied everything on Jalango’s interview, saying they are just doppelgangers(people who look alike but are not related).

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