Home Entertainment FBI dancer Ezra splashes half a million shillings on Birthday celebrations

FBI dancer Ezra splashes half a million shillings on Birthday celebrations

Founder of FBI dance crew Ezra has shocked Kenyans after disclosing the crazy amount of money he spent on his recent birthday party celebrations. After a night of fun with friends at the Memphis bar and restaurant in Nairobi, Ezra had to part with a whooping 508,600 Kenyan shillings to cater for the food and drinks they consumed at the party.

Ezra posted a photo of the bill on his Instagram stories bragging about how he spends money like billionaire Bill Gates. He urged his fans not to hide their blessings.

Attending Ezra’s birthday party was a few of his close friends and his popular girlfriend Isha Raffi.

“Jana iliweza sana. Thanks to all who came. Na bill tumelipa kama Bill Gates. Ukibarikiwa usifiche.” Ezra bragged.

Ezra FBI scandal

Ezra recently came into the limelight after his girlfriend Isha Raffi exposed his misdeeds on social media.

The two had been serving Instagram couple goals for some time before Ezra allegedly cheated on Isha at a sex party hosted at Ringtone’s house.

Isha Raffi got wind of the story through some girls who had attended the event, pushing her to go public with the allegations.

Isha disclosed how Ezra allegedly cheated on her with several women while at the same time slandering her name.

According to the information she received, Ezra had referred to Isha Raffi as a controlling woman who paid all the bills to prove how powerful she is.

The information seriously angered Isha Raffi pushing her to end the relationship.

“The decision I have made in 2020 is to break up with Ezra.” wrote Isha on her Instagram handle.

Ezra received a lot of online criticism after the cheating scandal; however, less than two weeks later, Isha was back in his arms, parading their love on social media as usual.

Isha did not disclose how the story transpired, but Ezra stated that he could not allow such a fine lady to slip from his arms.

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