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FBI dancer Ezra proposes to his girlfriend in Dubai

Founder of the famous FBI dance crew Ezra Njagi proposed to his long-term girlfriend Mwanaisha (Isha Raffi) yesterday night while on their trip to Dubai.

The Instagram couple travelled to Dubai two days ago for a short vacation to visit exquisite tourist destinations and spend time with friends.

Ezra then took Isha to the rooftop of The Galliard Hotel, where he went on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Isha was completely taken by surprise, and amid her tears of joy, she said yes to the love of her life.

Ezra and Isha have dated for over three years now and are popular for their flashy lifestyle, matching outfits, and awesome dance moves, which they showcase on their social media.

The duo became the talk of Nairobi in December 2020 when Isha Raffi publicly dumped Ezra over cheating allegations.

Instagram netizens flooded Isha’s inbox with detailed information of Ezra being involved with other women at a sex party hosted at Ringtone’s palatial home in Runda.

Ladies who attended the said party claimed that Ezra also slandered Isha’s name by claiming she was a controlling woman who paid all the bills to prove how powerful she was.

“The decision I have made in 2020 is to break up with Ezra,” miss Raffi posted.

Responding to Isha’s expose, Ezra, in an interview, said that he could no longer trust her, as anyone capable of ruining his public image like that was capable of anything, including poisoning him.

He also disclosed that his mother had met Isha severally and had accepted her as Ezra’s soon-to-be wife.

However, the two were back in each other’s arms two weeks later and have been growing strong ever since.

Ezra’s previous relationship

Before meeting Isha Raffi, the dancer was dating Size 8’s younger sister Mary Munyali aka DJ 7. They are blessed with an 8-year-old son together.

According to reports, Mary Munyali walked away from the relationship owing to Ezra’s cheating ways.

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