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Femi One claims Tanzanians showed more support for her ‘utawezana’ song than Kenyan

‘Utawezana’ song which featured talented Kenyan rappers Femi One and Mejja was arguably one of the most successful songs to hit the Kenyan airwaves during the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic.

The song was not only a success in Kenya but also hit the East African airwaves with Tanzanians making it one of their major club bangers.

The hitsong has already amassed over 10 million views on Youtube, being the third song in Kenya 2020 to reach such a wide audience in such a short time. It is closely following behind Sauti Sol’s Suzanna and Otille Brown’s ‘Dusuma’ which gained 15 million and 16 million views Youtube each.

Despite the song’s success, Femi One has come out to air her disappointment with Kenyans over their reception of ‘utawezana’.

Femi One revealed that despite being currently the biggest female rapper in Kenya and the most followed, she is finding it hard to celebrate her wins.

According to the curvy rapper, many Kenyans ridiculed her for producing such type of music and even went as far as discrediting her work which really killed her spirit.

However, Femi One praised Tanzanians for their overwhelming support, adding that their wonderful reception is what motivates her to keep on producing even better music.

“No female hip hop artist has ever hit those numbers + I’m the most-subscribed but I can’t even celebrate the backlash and discrediting that came with that song.”

Femi One likened her situation with that of Jesus Christ, insisting that a prophet is not accepted in her home town.

“Anyway, they say Nanii hakubaliki kwao. The reception and Tanzanian show was enough motivation to keep pushing, more to come. Can’t wait to share with y’all what’s in store for next year. We move.”

Ever since the release of Utawezana, Femi One has gone further to produce two more songs where she has featured Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller, ‘Kipetero Kiyesu’ and ‘bar’.

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