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Rapper Femi One speaks on her beef with Azziad Nasenya

King Kaka signee Femi One has for the first time spoken about her online feud with 20-year old Tiktok star Azziad Nasenya.

In an interview with Radio Jambo host Massawe Japanni, the ‘utawezana’ hitmaker revealed that she is not on speaking terms with Azziad and is comfortable with things as they are.

The beef between the two began last year when netizens implored Femi One to pay Azziad Nasenya for being the reason her song was successful.

Femi One refused to do so, claiming that the song was already famous even before Azziad released her challenge.

Femi One disclosed that she reached out to Azziad in 2020 when her song went viral.

She mentioned that she felt guilty about all the trolls attacking Azziad since she was the one who posted Azziad’s dance video on her social media.

According to Femi, she thanked Azziad for contributing to her song’s success and offered to take her out to lunch.

Unfortunately, Nasenya refused as she was busy taking interviews.

Due to this, Femi One felt like Azziad should have told her fans about their interaction since many thought that Femi One completely ignored Azziad’s efforts.

She was angry with the Selina actress for keeping quiet, yet she had the power to change the ongoing online narrative.
Femi added that Azziad was not responsible for the success of her and Mejja’s song ‘Utawezana.’

She made it clear that it was her hard work that propelled the song’s success just the way Azziad’s dedication to Tiktok catapulted her fame.

“I started the challenge and all who participated in it are important to me. The fans were free to choose who they liked the most and they chose Azziad. To say she was the one who made the song big is a big lie as she did her challenge on the fourth day after the song was already a hit,” said Femi One.

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