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Singer Fena Gitu parts ways with producer Saaz Odongo over sexual assault allegations

Phenomenal musician Fena Gitu has today officially terminated her working relationship with music producer Jaaz Odongo.

This comes a day after Kenyans on Twitter resurrected his sexual assault charges under the hashtag #boycottjaazodongo.

“I have decided to no longer work with Jaaz or anyone else who is accused of sexual misconduct. It’s been a difficult one to navigate, but I don’t see any other way forward at this point.”

Several Kenyans urged any artists working with the producer to end their work relationship otherwise they will be part of the enablers of such malice in our society.

Fena Gitu has been working with the producer in several of her major projects over the years, however, she stated that she will have to end their relationship in order to protect what she stands for; which is based around empowering women.

Additionally, Fena Gitu promised not to work with anyone else accused of sexual misconduct.

Fena revealed that she has been close friends with Mr Odongo and his family, which made the decision to air the matter publicly very difficult.

She even went ahead and wished him the beat in his future endeavours.

“I’ve been thinking about the conversation surrounding the safety of women in this country. Jaaz and I have known each other a long time, and out of respect for him and his family who have been in support of me, I opted to hold him accountable privately.”

Producer Jaaz Odongo was in hot soup earlier this year after a young upcoming musician Janice Niche accused him of raping her while she was unconscious after drinking too much alcohol.

The victim came out with her story two years after the incident allegedly happened.

According to her, she got tired of seeing the producer walk freely and continue with his work, while she was deeply suffering after he sexually assaulted her.

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