Home Entertainment Former NTV news anchor joins rival TV station months after being fired

Former NTV news anchor joins rival TV station months after being fired

Former NTV news anchor Harith Salim has landed a new TV job after joining Mediamax-owned TV station K24 months after being shown the door by the Nation Media Group-owned station.

The Swahili anchor shared a photo of the K24 logo and a video while at the studios on his social media page as he announced his new work station.

Salim was among the unfortunate journalists who were axed in July this year with the station claiming that the move was to help restructure its newsroom.

In a memo, the NMG CEO Stephen Gitama explained that the Group was seeking to radically change its business model from print advertising and physical reader copy to digital advertising, ePaper subscription, and content-driven reader revenue.

He went on to mention that the objective was to establish leadership in the mobile publishing landscape in Africa while exploring other new revenue streams in the experiential and technology space.

He added that the move would require retooling and resourcing the Group with relevant skill sets critical for success in the new business environment.

Others that were fired at the time were; Brenda Wanga (news reporter), Ken Mijungu, Lillian Kiarie (business reporter), Silas Apollo (news reporter), anchor Debarl Inea, Sharon Baranga (reporter), and Shaban Ulaya (Swahili editor).

On Friday 4 December, Gitama revealed that the staff was going to get back a percentage of what they lost when their salaries were slashed after the COVID-19 pandemic affected its revenue.

“Staff currently on a salary reduction ranging from 5% to 10%, will now be on full pay. Staff on salary reduction ranging from 15% to 35% will get a reprieve of 10%; for example, those on 15% reduction will go to 5%. This is effective from the December 2020 payroll,” the statement explained.

The CEO also thanked his staff for coming together, showing the fighting spirit, and persevering the hard times to help the company to a gradual positive recovery.

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