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Frankie Justgymit defends himself after Maureen Waititu called him a deadbeat

Famous gym trainer Frankie Justgymit had some words to say after his ex Maureen Waititu called him out for not taking care of his children.

The drama between the former youtube couple began last week after Frankie disclosed that he did not have access to their two sons through a birthday wish post for his firstborn.

Everything escalated quickly, and Maureen Waititu was forced to defend herself from trolls claiming she was keeping her children from their father.

She referred to Frankie as an Instagram dad who barely takes care of his children.

In addition, Maureen claimed that Frankie kicked her out of his house and stopped paying for child support.

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Frankie Justgymit outright denied all claims made by Maureen Waititu.

Through a Youtube video, he shared screenshots of their conversations, which showed that Maureen made it hard for Frankie to see his children on the agreed days.

On the claims that Frankie kicked Maureen Waititu out of his house, the gym coach made it clear that the house was owned by his mother and not him.

According to Frankie, simply because they had children together did not warrant his mother to cater to Maureen’s housing needs.

Frankie further revealed that he had been paying for the children’s nanny and catering for their weekly bills which became hard after Maureen started denying him access to his kids.

“I’ve been through a lot. I was being treated like a nanny with my kids. Each week there’s a different reason why I shouldn’t see the kids,” said Frankie.

Among the screenshots shared by Frankie, a bitter Maureen is seen calling Frankie’s current girlfriend Corazon Kwamboka abusive names, claiming that Frankie embarrassed her by having a child with another woman just immediately after a breakup.

To this, Frankie Justgymit stated that there is no timeline on how fast a person is supposed to heal from a breakup and move on.


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