Gateman Crashes Car Belonging to His Boss While Taking It for A Spin in His Absence


  • A gateman has landed in serious trouble after crashing his employer’s car into a wall
  • It is reported that the gateman had taken the car for a spin while his boss was away when the incident happened
  • Apart from the damaged vehicle, the owner of the compound whose wall was damaged is also demanding compensation

A gateman may not only be on the verge of losing his job but also incur a massive debt after crashing a vehicle belonging to his boss.

A gateman crashed his employer's car.

The unidentified gateman had taken the car out for a spin while the boss was away before it crashed into a wall, leaving a hole in it.

In short videos shared by Instablog9ja on Instagram, a narrator who recorded the scene of the crash stated that the crash put two buildings in dispute – the houses on both sides of the fence where the car rammed into.

The owner of the building in which the car created a hole in the fence is seeking to have the wall fixed by the house owner on the other side of the wall.

In their defence, the other house claimed the owner of the crashed car does not reside with them or have any business with their home, and as such, they cannot be responsible for it.

The gateman who caused the crash was not at the crash scene when the video was taken.

Social media reacts


“But how does this happen? Even when I was learning how to drive this kind of thing never happened to me.”


“Driving your way to jail.”


“This is why I don’t have a car.”


“Gateman wants to open another gate.”


“So he left his post at the gate and decided to open another gate. Architectural design.”


“Worst part is he can’t even pay.”

Car wash man crashes client’s car previously reported that a man working at a carwash crashed his client’s Benz beyond repair.

In a video shared on TikTok, the car wash guy could be seen prostrating and begging the car owner to forgive him.

The car was severely damaged, and the young man was remorseful, but the video did not show if he was forgiven or not.

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