Gengetone artists Sailors Gang fall out with their manager Mwalimu Rachel – launch their own Youtube channel


Super talented gengetone group, Sailors gang, has today announced that they will no longer be working with their official manager, radio personality Mwalimu Rachel.

Speaking on their social media accounts, the group has revealed that their decision came after they got into a disagreement with Mwalimu Rachel, which forced them to part ways.

In the meantime, Nrg radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel has denied Sailors gang the access to their youtube channel with over 126,000 thousand subscribers together with all their social media accounts.

Sailors gang reported that Mwalimu Rachel is demanding a whooping 1.5 million Kenya shillings in order to give them back the login details to their accounts.

“We are not in good terms with Mwalimu Rachel. She refused with our logins for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. She wants 1.5m for her to give us our logins imagine.” said one of the group members, Masilver

These events have forced the gengetone group to start a new Youtube channel, where they released their latest banger, ‘kulewakuchuchumaa’.

According to their announcement on Twitter, sailors gang sighted foul play, but they chose to remain positive, saying that they will not give up but instead continue grinding through their new accounts.

“Announcement to our dear Sailors254 family. Tumeanza scratch social media accounts zetu zote. New ones to be announced soon. Tulifanywa ile kitu… Si ni life.” wrote Peter Miracle baby on behalf of Sailor’s gang.

Sailors gang is made up of a five boy crew; Peter Miracle Baby, Lexxy Yung, Shalkido, Massilver and Qoqos Juma.

They have been working under Mwalimu Rachels wing ever since stepping into the Kenyan music limelight who fiercely protected their career.

The group only had a major squabble with their manager Mwalimu Rachel once last year, after she allegedly accosted one of Peter Miracle Baby’s friend.

However, soon after, they came out to clear the air stating that they were still strong together.




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