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    Khaligraph Jones wife opens up for the first time on how they met

    Celebrated rapper Khaligraph Jones tries hard to keep his family life out of the media leaving many people curious about how and when he met his wife, Georgina Amali.

    The two have built a successful relationship, having given birth to two beautiful babies, Lu(boy) and Amali(girl) within the last two years.

    Recently, Khaligraph’s wife decided to host a question and answer session on her Instagram account, where fans got to ask her their burning questions regarding her relationship.

    Georgina revealed that despite having white genes, she was raised in the Coast of Kenya in Mombasa.

    This was before she met the love of her life Khaligraph in November 2017 at a show where he was performing.

    According to her, Og is a great dad and does his part in taking care of their needs.

    According to Georgina, even though her relationship seems successful, the couple has had their disagreements over time just like other regular couples.

    However, she disclosed that they rarely argue these days.

    People also asked about Georgina’s age, which she said was only 25.

    She talked about her two gorgeous children, where she disclosed that the firstborn girl is going through the ‘terrible two’ stage where she is very naughty and barely listens to instructions.

    For her second-born son, Georgina revealed that he is a very calm and quiet kid who spends most of his time breastfeeding.

    The family is assisted in raising their children by one nanny, but Khaligraph’s wife insisted that she will soon hire another one as the workload in raising two children is no joke.

    Georgina also opened up about the birth process of her kids, stating that she gave birth to one normally while she had to get a caesarian section for her other child.

    The couple recently relocated to a new home in the posh suburbs of Nairobi, where they get to enjoy their life away from the city noises.

    They have adopted a dog and built an extra fancy kennel to shelter it in their massive compound.

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