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Tanzanian socialite Gigy Money accuses Eric Omondi of forcing Wife Material contestants to fight

Musician and socialite Gigy Money has come out with damning accusations hours after Eric Omondi announced the cancellation of Wife material 2.

Eric claimed that he was forced to end the show over a rogue contestant who made the environment unconducive for the other 8 participants.

Many netizens assumed dramatic Gigy Money was the lady Eric referred to and went ahead to troll her antics in the show.

Gigy Money, angered by the accusations decided to open her heart on Eric’s Instagram comment section.

Gigy Money, a single mother of one, claimed that Eric Omondi has been forcing Wife Material contestants to fight in the house to get views.

She claimed Eric Omondi lacks respect for women and was recording some of their activities without their knowledge just to shame them in public.

Gigy threatened to disclose what really forced the show to end. She also told Eric that he would regret exposing the ladies to nationwide mockery.

“So Eric, you call me here nitukanwe coz unapata deals. Na unawarekodi watu bila kujijua unatufanya sisi vituko. You know that you will regret this, and you will never forget your wives. Do you even have a sister Eric?” inquired Gigy.

Replying to a netizen who accused her of causing the disruption in the house, Gigy said, 

“Your brother Eric wants to trend; that’s why I get paid. But he doesn’t have respect for women; that’s why he makes us fight so that he can get content. Is the show wife material or hoe material?” 

In the past week, Gigy Money has been in altercations with Manzi wa Kibera from Kenya and Nadiator, a Ugandan.

From the videos shared by Eric Omondi, Gigy is spotted arguing with the ladies and even pouring redbull on the Ugandan.

Nadiator shed tears while she tried explaining that Gigy has been frustrating and abusing her since the show began.



Manzi wa Kibera, on the other hand, was ready to beat up Gigy Money, who tried crossing her lines severally.

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