Deserted haunted house in Ruiru breaks internet after horrifying stories emerge


Majini, Masheito, and masonic are some of the names Kenyans use to refer to dark supernatural powers. Although shunned, these practices continue to happen with almost every Kenyan, acknowledging they have heard of witchcraft and haunted houses.

Well, this is what Ruiru residents experience with a haunted house in the neighborhood.

Looking at the house, anyone would love to live there, seeing it is a block of attractive apartments. It has white paint and a vast compound. However, in contrast to the size and stature of the house, it has a mabati fence around it.

According to some residents, the house has been in existence for decades. However, no one lives in it, fuelling the haunted house notion. Reports are that the owners have tried selling it, but no one wants to buy it.

Residents claim that the owner of the haunted house did not use legit money to build it, causing the ghosts to take over the house.

According to stories, gay ghosts haunt the house. A YouTube video revealed that a man tried renting the home three years ago, but he vacated after gay spirits molested him at night.

Tweeps woke up to the house trending under the hashtag #Ruiru where they shared all sorts of funny notions regarding the house. Others also shared scary stories on their encounters with dark supernatural powers.

One tweep was quick to tweet that he had gone house hunting around that area. When he spotted the house, he asked neighbors for more information. However, they warned him to stay clear of the property since ghosts haunt the house.

Another tweep revealed that he has ever entered the house. He then went on to explain scary details regarding that house. According to him, his friend died in 2014 after trying to live in that house.

Some tweeps vowed to visit the house and ascertain if the stories are true.

You can follow the Twitter trend here. Here are some of the tweets.

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