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How Can the Kenyan Entertainment Industry be Enhanced with Modern Technology?

The entertainment industry is on the rise in Kenya, and the figures over the last few years are highly promising. In 2014, the sector was worth just over $1 billion in the African nation, and this had increased by more than double in 2020. It is projected that by 2023, various forms of entertainment will bring in $2.9 billion to the country. The adoption of assorted forms of technology is likely to drive this spike and set the country up well for the future.

The Perfect Time for Kenyan Entertainment to get a Boost

The rise of the entertainment industry in Kenya has coincided with the greater availability of the internet. It has been reported that 21.75 million people in the country are online now, and this equates to around 40 per cent of the population. Over the next few years, this figure is expected to grow dramatically.

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As more people are getting connected, they are searching for ways to consume entertainment that they can relate to. This means that many people in the country will be looking for content made by fellow Kenyans. This is the ideal time for entertainment companies to crop up in Kenya and serve the masses that are experiencing the joys the internet has to offer for the first time. New internet users will go in search of television and film streaming platforms, as well as ways to play games online.

Breaking Onto Streaming Platforms is Key

Streaming platforms have helped lesser-known film and television industries, such as those in Africa, find recognition. For example, Realeyz shows Kenyan flicks like Nairobi Half Life, which stars up-and-coming actress, Serha Teshna. Netflix has led the way with this, though, and the world-famous subscription service prides itself on offering titles that would appeal to people from different countries.

There are already a few Kenyan options on Netflix, but there should be more. These include Just in Time, Gardeners of Eden, and 40 Sticks. When it comes to Netflix, Kenya is behind other African nations like Nigeria. With several hits including Nigerian Prince and The First Lady, the Nigerian film industry is benefitting from Netflix massively. Kenyan filmmakers should look to Netflix as a way to get their products out there but need to also consider the multitude of other streaming services that can help.

The Franchise Model can be Lucrative

The major reason for the exceptional growth of the entertainment industry in other countries has been down to its interconnectivity. Over the last few decades, a greater number of platforms have risen to the fore, and these provide diverse experiences for users. Along with television, there is also consoles, PC, and mobile gaming. Developers have had to figure out ways to involve all these aspects when creating their products, and it has given birth to the cross-platform franchise model.

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Nowadays, for an entertainment product like a film or television series to attract as many people as possible, it needs to be represented in several different forms. A great example of this is Narcos. The Netflix series has been one of its biggest hits, thanks to the fact that it reached out to a broad audience. There were related games, including the Narcos slot from NetEnt, which is playable at Genesis Casino. This is one of the top recommended casinos for African players, as it has a generous welcome bonus. It has a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 and appeals to players thanks to recognisable games like Narcos. Sites like this highlight how popular online casinos have become, especially considering how many options are now available. Due to the competitive market, many sites offer bonuses to persuade players to use their service. Sites such as this one help players find the best bonuses available.

There are games on other platforms that help people discover Narcos as well. On mobile, there is Narcos: Cartel Wars, and on console, there is Narcos: Rise of the Cartels. The reason why this model works so well is because it can tap into audiences in different places. If someone discovers the Narcos slot and enjoys it, they may then seek out the series. It works the other way around too, and this helps the different subsectors of the entertainment industry to boost one another.

The Kenyan entertainment industry has the potential to be one of the biggest in Africa, as the country has been quick to adapt to technological advancements. Business owners in the sector need to observe successful models from other countries and replicate them wherever possible.

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