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How Maureen Waititu tried to commit suicide twice but survived

Maureen Waititu, the bubbly media personality, has finally opened her battles with depression and suicide.

In an interview with Grace Msalame on TV program Unscripted with Grace, she admitted wanting to take her life twice.

She underwent rejection from her family at a tender age.

Maureen explained how she grew up without a stable family structure. Her parents were not together, and the mother was busy working. Therefore, she was moved from one house to the other.

The YouTuber said, “I grew up in several homes since my mother was very busy working, and they were not together with my father. At times I was at my aunt’s home another time in my grandmother’s. That was my life until I went to high school; that’s when the structure of my life changed.”

Since Maureen was bullied when young, she became an introvert and was comfortable when reading. Her mother sent her to stay with relatives to concentrate on work, and that made her feel unwanted.

Maureen said, “I had a feeling that my mum did not want me, yet my dad had rejected me earlier. At one point, I told my mum I was not a football to be tossed around.”

She said that the father did not want anything to do with her. Every time she went to him, she was turned away.

Additionally, Maureen said, “Every time I went to my dad’s office to get school fees, he would turn me down. One day when I was 16 years he left me to walk from his office in Nairobi to my mum’s house in Kiambu. I was traumatized and asked myself the kind of cruelty that was.”

Maureen, who is an alumnus of Law School at Kenyatta University, ended up attracting men who had her dad’s qualities. Later, she had to build walls to protect herself until she met Frankie Kiarie.

When she was asked about the darkest moment in life, she explained it was after breaking up with his children’s father, Frankie JustGymlt.

Unfortunately, she hit a slump in life and suffered severe depression. Also, she attempted suicide twice.

In one of the attempts to commit suicide, she had planned to drive off, but it rained heavily, and she aborted her mission. She returned home. Her son welcomed her back on that day and asked to read a book for her.

In continuation, Maureen said, “I was undergoing severe depression, stress, and anxiety. I took some tablets, slept, and woke up a new woman than the night before.”



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