How to Stream Movies Online for Free in Kenya


During the weekends or any other holiday, you want to spend time with your loved ones over a good movie. At other times, you are just bored and wish to watch a movie or series to pass time. Well, for some people, heading to the cinemas might be a good option but oh well, they charge way too high for some of us to afford. Luckily, you can download and stream movies online for free in Kenya, as long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone or a computer.

There have been numerous streaming sites in Kenya that have been around for a long time, however, some of them have had to shut down due to various circumstances.

One of the most common sites back then was Megashare.

With over a million users in a single day, Megashare was one of the largest video streaming platforms where people could view numerous TV shows and Cinema movies for ‘free.’ The site was, however, permanently shut down in 2014 when troubles with its video hosting provider struck.

The site did not host any videos but depended on other third-party websites such as Sockshare and Google.

At the time, the search engine giant Google received a lot of backlash for allowing Megashare and other portals of the like to stream pirated movies using its servers. The company received criticism for not doing enough to prevent such pirate sites from showing up whenever a search is performed.

On the other hand, Megashare had seen tremendous growth having garnered millions of users since its inception in 2010. It operated under the .info and .sh domains until it was shut down. Several cloned websites emerged, trying to fill up the void left by the movie streaming website.

As would have been expected, Google eventually removed Megashare, alongside its cloned sites from search results.

The Legalities

The digital world has seen the eruption of sites like Megashare, causing a never-ending battle between the copyright owners and those who wish to watch their favorite shows without having to pay for them.

The Pirates Bay and other torrenting sites device creative ways to distribute pirated materials for ‘free.’ The copyright owners would also formulate methods to flash out such websites and have them closed.

In May 2016, for instance, one of the popular streaming portals, Putlocker, was blocked in the UK. Further threats of legal action from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) saw the website permanently shut down…but only for fifteen seconds.

It is quite tricky to permanently put such websites out of business as they will always emerge with other near-exact replicas of the originals. As soon as they are blocked, such sites appear but with a different domain name. In a nutshell, any websites or apps which host copyright material without permission will eventually be closed.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a direct window to see whatever one is browsing and can sell such information to interested parties. This further threatening the user’s privacy. Should you be found to have consumed pirated content, there can be legal consequences taken against you.

How VPNs Come in Handy When Streaming Pirated Content

Anyone planning on streaming or downloading content which they may not be sure about their copyright status is advised to install and run a VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN), which has been correctly configured, will make the user anonymous online.

The ISP will not be in a position to tell whether you are downloading or streaming illegal content.

Top 5 Sites like Megashare

There are very many Megashare alternatives to watch and stream movies online for free in Kenya. The problem is, not all of them are safe are some are embedded with malware, which might harm your device.

Trying them all out might have dire consequences to the user, and so it is paramount to rely on the information relayed on reliable websites such as this one.

To break it down, the streaming websites listed below have been picked based on matching what Megashare had to offer, or even better. The domain hosts keep hopping from one to another every time, as the owners try to avoid arrest by the authorities.

It is for this reason that whoever wishes to access any of these sites to Google them up as the updated website which uses a newer server appears among the top.

Some of the best sites to watch free movies online include;

1.   Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the oldest and most reliable streaming websites out there. It is regarded as the best Megashare alternative due to its unmatched list of features for a free platform. Even though there have been numerous attempts to have the portal closed for good, it has always been brought back up under different domain names.

There are thousands of movies (both old and new) available to watch in HD, without being concerned about them buffering when using a stable internet connection. With Putlocker, you can get the movies and TV shows, having been categorized in about eight genres to ease the pain users experience when trying to pick a video to watch.

For those who wish to view movies and shows which have recently been released but only available at theatres, there is an option to see it in camera copy. The video quality may not be HD, but it gets updated as soon as the High Definition Video Quality is made available.

One of the biggest drawbacks some users have on this streaming site is the number of ads that keep on popping. However, this can easily be remedied by using an ad blocker in the browser being used.

Browsers such as Google Chrome have adblocker extensions, which automatically eliminate all advertisements found on such a streaming platform.

Key Features

  • HD quality video streaming
  • An extensive collection of thousands of movies, documentaries, and TV shows
  • Newly released shows can also be found for download
  • The availability of genres makes it easy to browse through the many movies much easier

2.   Solar Movie

Coming second on the list for Megashare alternatives is Solar Movie, yet another well-regarded streaming site. At first sight, the website has one of the best user interfaces, which is rather easy to maneuver. The design and layout look good, with an interactive interface to keep the user on the page.

Apart from the high resolution, the website still offers a smooth streaming experience, with few to no glitches. Furthermore, even when on a slow internet connection, the videos will again load well, and no frequent buffering will be experienced thanks to the fantastic streaming servers. This feature makes this platform easily accessible on the go, even on mobile data.

Other than the well-organized categories of movies, there is a handy search function that is quite responsive. Movies can easily be found, streamed, or downloaded at no extra cost to the user.

The biggest challenge which faces Solar Movie users is probably the fact that it only has a web version.

Key Features

  • All the movies are in HD quality
  • The search functionality makes it easy to find any film so long as it is in the database
  • There is a fantastic landing page sorting. The recommendations which are there are based on the user’s preference
  • A vast selection of movies available
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • All the videos are downloadable at no extra cost

3.   Vumoo

Vumoo is yet another option to stream movies online for free in Kenya, in HD quality. Unlike Megashare, this site has a much more extensive library of movies and TV shows. The website gets updated on a regular, making it one of the best streaming portals with some of the latest shows.

For someone who is searching for a movie but does not remember the name, there are tons of filter options available to make it easier to get it. Some of these include the release date of the show.

The movies list can also be viewed in alphabetical order to enable much faster browsing.

Moreover, Vumoo provides different server links, whereby should one server fail to function, the others will redirect the user to watch the movie, still in HD.

The biggest drawback some people may have noticed concerning Vumoo is that one must first create an account with them by signing up. After the free registration process,

Key Features

  • Movies and shows are available in HD
  • Videos can be arranged in alphabetical order to make it easier to browse
  • More filter features added
  • Different server links are provided so that in case one fails; the others will stream the movies

4.   123movies

123movies has also been operational for quite a while now, even having been shut down severally hence operating under different domain names. The site works very well with a slick and easy-to-use design. Apart from a wide selection of movies, what is more, fascinating about this website is its filter options.

Other than the usual genre selection and date, one can also pick a movie depending on the country it is from. After selecting a movie, one is taken to its page from where it should automatically play. If it doesn’t, then a quick prompt will be required.

The biggest drawback which can be experienced while using this streaming site is that there is no option to download a movie for offline viewing. Furthermore, it is a movies-only site as someone cannot use it to stream TV series.

Key Features

  • All movies which have been made available on the channel are of HD quality
  • Live video streaming can be enjoyed, but only on the web version
  • The list is regularly updated; therefore, one can watch the latest movies as soon as they are released

5.   Popcorn Time

Unlike websites such as Putlocker, which rely on file sharing, Popcorn Time gets straight to the point – one can instantly watch torrented movies. Not only can the person stream on the web version but can also use the Popcorn Time mobile application. The selection of movies is pretty straightforward, thanks to advanced filter mechanisms.

New and upcoming titles are usually updated regularly, ensuring that the site is up-to-date with the latest movies. The website is quite stable, and is available in 44 languages, making it a truly global product. Just as the case for other sites like Megashare, Popcorn Time has had its fair share of the legal battles for sharing copyrighted material.

The site has been closed down and has resurfaced severally under different domain names. Since this is a torrent-based streaming platform, when one is engaged, then it means that they are providing (seeding) the movie to other users. When not using the website, it is advised to close it up to save on bandwidth.

Since the user is also referred to as a distributor of possibly copyrighted materials, they will also face the law should they be noticed. When using Popcorn Time, getting detected can be easy; hence, it is recommended that one gets an effective VPN installed first.

Key Features

  • Movies in the channel are available in HD
  • The interface is slick with numerous filter options one can use when searching for the precise movie
  • A wide library for movies and TV series

Bottom Line

The websites named on this list have been carefully hand-picked, having put all aspects into consideration. No more irritating ads, no more poor picture quality, and most importantly, there is a wide selection of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Even though some of these sites have managed to by-pass the authorities for quite a while now, a number of them remain blocked in some countries. The use of a VPN will ensure that you do not get noticed by the ISP while you stream movies online for free in Kenya, saving you from taking part in legal battles.

Nevertheless, this site does not promote watching pirated content as this information is to be used only for educational purposes.


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