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Huddah Monroe responds to claims that she’s under arrest in Dubai

Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe has lived in Dubai for more than one year now and keeps postponing her trips back to Kenya.

Recently, an Edgar Obare fan disclosed that Huddah is under house arrest in the Arab country for allegedly dating a millionaire who was involved in the fraud case surrounding Nigeria billionaire HushPuppi.

The boyfriend was apparently arrested, leaving Huddah under investigation, which requires her to remain in Dubai.

Speaking about the issue on her Instagram account, Huddah made it clear that Dubai will be her home for many years.

She asked bloggers to stop misleading young ladies into thinking that it is easy to find a man to sponsor an expensive lifestyle in Dubai.

Huddah further said that she’s a hardworking woman who balls and slays on a budget, not forgetting to save for her future and kids.

According to her, she would be chilling in a rolls Royce and shopping daily if she had a rich lover.

Miss Monroe advised ladies that life in Dubai is not very expensive, as people say.

She said that her life seems lavish because she loves indulging in pricey tastes.

“Bloggers stop misleading this young girls. You can make it on your own. If you want a sugardaddy you can find them. If yoi want to do prostitution you can,” she said.

Speaking on committing crime in search of money, Huddah informed her fans to steer away from such opportunities unless they are willing to spend time in jail.

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Inspiration for her business

With the recent passing of business mogul Chris Kirubi, Huddah Monroe disclosed that he was the one who inspired her to start her make-up company, Huddah cosmetics.

The two used to meet severally during their flights until one day, the late Kirubi paid for her a first-class seat, where they proceeded to discuss earnestly about Huddah’s career path.

Huddah and Vera’s beef

For the first time, Vera Sidika spoke on the ongoing online beef between her and her nemesis Huddah.

Vera revealed that there is no bad blood between them. The two were actually friends in 2010 when Vera arrived in Nairobi.

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