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Huddah Monroe reveals living without her four front teeth as a child inspired her success

Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe has finally attained the riches she dreamed of as a child.

Like many successful people, she has stories that inspired her to break the barriers of poverty.

For the first time, Huddah Monroe opened up on living most of her childhood without her four front teeth, which affected her self-esteem and inspired her to pursue a prosperous life.

At 12 years of age, Huddah got into a minor accident which left her four-front-teeth less.

The make-up enthusiast mentioned that her schoolmates teased her for her odd looks, and she spent most of her time covering her mouth when she laughed.

Sadly for the Eastleigh-born, her mother could not afford to replace her teeth, and she lived like that till her early adulthood.

Being a laughing stock bothered Huddah Monroe so much that she vowed to pursue wealth relentlessly.

She promised herself to fix her teeth with the first cash she made then travel the world.

“When I was 12, I lost my four front teeth in an accident, and my mom couldn’t afford to buy new teeth. I hated it, so my dream was to make money when I grew up, and I promised myself the first thing I’d do was fix my teeth! Lol, I just read a note I wrote at 13, madness. And I’ve lived up to it. Surely, you are not ugly; money is the best makeover,” she wrote.

Huddah monroe

A while back, a video of Huddah when she was a toothless video vixen went viral, clearly showing her transformation.

However, installing her new teeth and veneers on the rest of her teeth was not a cheap procedure.

Huddah shared in a past Instagram post that she underwent the process in Dubai, which cost her ksh 230,000 per tooth.

Additionally, she has to replace the teeth every five years.

In the post, she also opened up about being nicknamed ‘mapengo’ by her high school friends.

Huddah currently resides in Dubai, where she spent her better part of last year.

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