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Huyo ni wangu wachana na yeye – Evelyn Wanjiru’s husband reveals how his best friend discouraged him from dating her

Sensational gospel musician Evelyn Wanjiru is married to Agundabweni Akweyu. The power couple met at church back in 2008. However, it was not until 2009 that the two started dating.

The courtship process was, however, not a smooth one as Agundabweni faced stiff competition. His roommate, who was his best friend, was also drawn to dating the beautiful singer.

At some point, he threatened Agundabweni to stop courting her.

“He told me, ‘just leave this for me. Do not try if you do not want to be my enemy.” He revealed recently during an interview with Samantha bridal.

Evelyn revealed that at the time, she was not ready for marriage. She, therefore, instructed her hubby to wait for four years.

After the four years, she predicted she might be ready to commit herself.

Her hubby, however, did not relent and patiently waited for her.

According to Evelyn, her mother pressured her to go for her first date. She even gave her ksh 200 Bob for transport money. The extra money was to pay for her juice in case he refused to pay.

During the date, Agundabweni informed her that he was searching for a wife. The sensational singer had just completed school. It was then that she objected to his proposal.

Evelyn Wanjiru and Husband Agundabweni

“My mum called my sisters and aunts, telling them that I had to go for a date. She bought me clothes and gave me 200 shillings. She told me to make sure I take the juice, and the rest use it for transport back. Just in case he fails to pay. He told me he was looking for a wife and I told him I was not ready, I had just finished school. I told him to wait for four years. He waited, and it happened,” Evelyn revealed.

However, they later got married. They have been together for eleven years now. Their marriage is standing strong despite outside forces, including childlessness.

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