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I did not squander Ruth Matete’s Ksh. 5M prize money – Former Tahidi High actor speaks

Former Tahidi High actor Prince Tsyder popularly known as Toni has for the first time opened up on his failed relationship with his former girlfriend and gospel singer Ruth Matete.

In an interview with Dennis Mugo popularly known as OJ who is also a former Tahidi High actor, Toni also disclosed how people assumed he misused Ruth Matete’s Ksh. Five million prize money which she won on Tusker Project Fame.

Toni explained that the relationship was good and normal and they faced challenges that any other relationship faces.

The former actor disclosed that while in the relationship with Ruth Matete, he fell into depression as people assumed that he was the one who squandered the singer’s money something that he denies.

He added that contrary to what people claimed, Ruth Matete was the one who contributed to ruining his life.

“Sijui nianzie wapi, nilishindwa hata kuongea… watu waliona mimi ndio ni kama nilikula hio doo. Hata alikuwa anaulizwa manze hasemi anything. To some point hajui kama alinispoilia life,” he said.
He added that he met the singer before she won the prize money noting that Ruth Matete is not a stupid woman to just let a man come steal her money.

He mentioned that the singer would have at least said something when he was being blamed for misspending her money.

“Mimi nilimjua kama hio doo haiko na sidhani Ruth ni dem fala ati mwanaume atacome akule doo yake, huyo dem si fala hio kiasi. At least angeambia wasee huyu msee relationship ni totally different but challenges zilikuwa kama any other relationship. The fact that tulikuwa maceleb hio time watu walibonga but mimi sikuongea,” he narrated.

Recently the gospel singer came out to call out pastors whom she claimed abandoned her after her late husband Beloved John Apewajoye died and the scandal that followed her afterward only to come back after she was cleared.

Beloved died in April 2020 from injuries sustained after a gas explosion at their home.

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