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I don’t miss working with Andrew Kibe – Kamene Goro opens up

It has been over six months since radio presenter Andrew Kibe quit his job at Kiss 100 to pursue his own personal media interests.

He worked at the Radio Africa owned station for close to a year alongside his curvy co-host Kamene Goro.

The two had previously worked together at NRG radio before landing an opportunity as Kiss 100’s breakfast hosts.

However, despite being side by side for quite some years, love seems to be lost between the two controversial radio presenters.

Earlier today, Kamene engaged her fans in a true or false segment on Instagram, where they got to make assumptions about her, and she either confirmed or refuted them.

Netizens were curious about Kamene’s and Kibe’s current relationship, with many asking if the duo still hangs out like they used to.

Vocal Kamene disappointed everyone by revealing that the two are no longer friends.

She stated that they had grown apart ever since their separation, which is typical for many people.

Kamene Goro revealed that she does not miss working with her co-host Kibe, despite the good times they had on radio. She insisted that she loves and enjoys working with her current co-host Jalang’o.

kamene goro andrew kibe
Kamene Goro speaking about Andrew Kibe on her Instagram stories.

Andrew Kibe life after Kiss 100

Andrew left Kiss 100 because the radio station censored his content. He revealed that he wanted to work independently using the available digital platforms, talking about whatever topic he desired.

Sadly for him, life gave him a huge blow a few months after quitting kiss 100.

Kibe recently went on an Instagram rant, where he spoke of the tough challenges he encountered after leaving.

Thinking that life would be smooth, Kibe ended up losing his house and car and was homeless for some time.

However, he has managed to pick himself up by starting his own radio station, Rogue radio.

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