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I don’t trust my wife but I love her so much – Alex Mwakideu confesses

Celebrated Milele FM radio show presenter Alex Mwakideu has revealed that despite loving his wife, he does not trust her.

While appearing on Dr.King’ori’s Wicked Edition show with former radio presenter and social media influencer Ronoh Chebet, Mwakideu said that he does not trust people at all.

He added that the only person he trusted was his mother who passed away a while back because she could do anything for him.

“Kwa loyalty hayuko. Bado hajaingia kwa list ya loyalty. I don’t trust people kabisa. The only person nilikuwa namtrust ni mamangu. Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho yake pema. Yeye ndio nlimtrust na roho yangu yote. Huyo angenisimamia wakati wowote ule. Trust is the basis of marriage but watu si wanaoana tu kwasababu lazima uoane and I love my wife so much,” he said.

The media personality pointed out that one can be loyal to someone and at the same time not trust them. He went on to say that he would never think twice about taking a bullet for his kids but he would consider the situation if it was his wife.

“Wewe unachanganya loyalty na trust. unaeza kutrust mtu lakini hauko loyal kwake. Loyalty ni kama yule mtu husimama nyuma ya President ndio pasi ikipigwa anadedi yeye. I think I would (take a bullet for my wife). For my babies of course hio hata hakuna kuthink. Hao I would take a bullet,” he explained.

Ronoh on the other hand explained how someone she was in a relationship with, broke her trust before she requested to cut the interview short after she started experiencing an anxiety attack.

I’ve done a couple of dumb things for people and that is what taught me not to trust anyone. “The dumbest thing I did was paying rent for someone’s apartment for three months…only to find out that they were going behind my back talking the most…,” she narrated before leaving the interview.

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