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I have spotted Omosh drunk severally; his wife is worse – neighbour discloses

One netizen who lives close to Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila in Kayole Nairobi has approached controversial blogger Edgar Obare with more information on how the entertainer spent the one million shillings donated to him by generous Kenyans.

According to him, Omosh reverted to his alcohol drinking ways immediately after he received the cash contribution.

The neighbour reported having seen the thespian actor in drinking dens severally.

Omosh supposedly gets so drunk that he has to be dragged home by those who know him.

The concerned neighbour sent Obare a video taken a month ago of a dead drunk Omosh being escorted home while clad in a blue suit.

The video has raised several concerns online, and many netizens are now suggesting that Omosh requires therapy more than monetary assistance.

The neighbour also came out with more damning accusations against Omosh’s second wife, Shanty Mumbi, daughter to renowned Kikuyu comedian Githingithia.

He branded her a worse alcoholic than her husband.

In another confession, the neighbour stated that Omosh has already gone broke as he was spotted borrowing four hundred shillings from Mpesa Fuliza a week ago.

Omosh’s first wife

Another fan of Edgar Obare came forward with reports regarding Omosh’s first wife, Mrs. Ngatia, who was also an actress at Tahidi high.

She reported that Omosh has completely neglected Mrs. Ngatia, who is struggling and has been through a lot.

The fan says that Mrs. Ngatia used to visit her mother, where she would shed tears because of how tough life was without the help of her husband.

Omosh drunk

In February, Kenyans came together and raised over one million shillings for Mosh Kizangila, who had fallen into abject poverty and had no job.

Joseph Kinuthia, alias Omosh, was recently hosted by Tv 47, where he revealed that he had spent all the money he was given paying his debts and said he was left with less than a hundred thousand shillings.

He also mentioned that he was no longer a drunkard as he had visited a rehabilitation center paid for by his sister.

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