I Regret: Kanda King Says He Ignored Doctors Advice to Stretch Before Performance


  • Kanda King is in hospital undergoing hip replacement surgery on both legs after years of dancing
  • The dance king said he regrets not following his doctor’s advice, which required him to warm up before going on stage
  • He, however, assured his fans that he will be back to entertain them but will not be doing his crazy dance moves

Dancehall veteran Kanda King has opened up about what led to his surgery and said he ignored the doctor’s advice to warm up before his extravagant performance.

Kanda King is in hospital for a hip replacement. Photo: Kanda King.

Kanda King’s hip replacement procedure

The veteran dancer narrated his story and said he was contracted to perform in Norway with other entertainers like Amani, and while they were performing, he was their dancer.

In an interview with Nation Africa, Kanda said the more people cheered him on, the more he did extreme dance moves that involved crawling and backflipping.

The vibrant man who has so far undergone a hip replacement in one of his legs has to wait for two months before going for the second surgery on his other leg.

Pain in groin

He mentioned when he came back from his Europe performance, he started feeling pain in his groin.

His friends told him that based on his dance moves, he will one day find himself doing a hip replacement but he dismissed those claims.

The second time when he and the team went back to Europe to perform, he returned home and started feeling the pain and decided to go to the hospital.

Warm-up before performance

His doctor told him that he needed to warm up before doing any performances to strengthen his joints, which he disclosed he did not do religiously.

“There is no hospital I have not been to in search of treatment, I even heard people tell me to look for certain people who will only touch my legs and I will be well,” he said.

He is currently in hospital and he assured his fans that he hopes to get back on stage and entertain his fans but assured them that he will not be doing those wild moves they know him for.

Kanda Kind pleads for help

Dancer Kanda King alerted fans that he will be undergoing total hip replacement surgery at the Landan Hospital.

He pleaded with his fans and Kenyans to help him raise KSh 990,000 for the procedure.

Kanda will also need four months to recover from both surgeries.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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