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“I used to sell githeri by the road” – Winnie Rose

Inooro Tv News anchor Winnie Rose has shed light on patches of her past not known to many.

The beautiful news presenter sadly recounted how she lost her mother on the day she was to launch her music video.

Her mother died after her 59-day marriage failed.

Winnie was greatly affected by her mother’s death. She reveals she at some point felt like quitting her current job.

However, a close ally advised her against quitting. Instead, she was encouraged to seek counselling.

According to Rose, her mother was a vital figure in her life. Winnie’s mother did all she could to support the beautiful news anchor.

The gospel musician had planned to build her mother a house from the money she would get from her music launch.

However, her mother did not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of her daughter’s labour.

According to Winnie, her mother was sickly for some time. She was taken into theatre, but the process took too long.

Nobody in the family knows what went on. Her dad decided against following up on the cause of death.

Humble background

Winnie revealed she hails from a humble background.

However, her mother did all she could to see her daughter succeed. This, according to Rose, was why she loved her very much.

The beautiful presenter admitted times were hard on her. However, she avoided letting her mother know she is suffering.

At some point, life became extremely tough, and she decided to tell her mother. She then sold her only cow to pay for Winnie’s school fees.

Rose revealed she used to sell githeri and beans to make ends meet. It was from this hustle that she managed to pay her first school fee while studying media.

She painfully recounted how one day, her landlord locked her inside the house due to rent arrears.

According to Winnie, the landlord found her in the house. He then went ahead to lock the house from outside and left.

Rose used a spoon to unlock the door as the padlock was a small one.

After her mother’s death, Winnie took in her siblings. She, however, declined to give the reason citing she is the only one who knows why.

According to her, it was tough trying to heal from her failed marriage and the loss of her mother at the same time.

She admits a psychologist helped her recover from the ordeal.

Winnie has gone back to school to study psychology.

From her previous experiences, the news anchor has opened an initiative dubbed the Tunza Future Initiative.

It aims at enabling destitute women in parenting their children.

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