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    I Was Dumped On Valentines Day- ‘Pombe’ Hitmaker Iyanii Speaks About His Relationship

    One of Kenya’s fastes rising musical artists Iyanii (Ian Oure) has given details on his relationship, including his current status. The talented musician gained massive recognition after his song dubbed ‘Pombe’ became a national hit after it’s release 5 months ago. The enthusiasm that ensued after the release of the song depicted Kenyan’s love for ‘sherehe’ (party life).

    The song released on September 14 has fetched over 3 million views since then. And Iyanii has become a big deal in the music industry since then.

    Iyanii’s Love Life

    Well, after gaining fame, most fans have been inquisitive on relationship status of the artist. Not much is known about his love life. But in a recent interview with Kiss, he divulged intriguing details on how he was dispatched by his ex-girlfriend on Valentines Day.

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    He revealed in a recent interview with Kiss FM;

    ”Nishaikuwa na a worst Valentines Day. Kuna time ilifika Valentines na nilikuwa nimesota. Sikukuwa na kakitu. So kidogo dem yangu alipelekwa out na mtu mwingine akanizimia simu. Nilitokwa dem ivo manze siku ya Valentines…”

    During the interview, Iyanii also disclosed that he’s single and searching. Watch his full interview below;

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