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“You will never hear me borrowing again”- Omosh apologises to Kenyans

Thespian actor Joseph Kinuthia famously known as Omosh, has apologised to Kenyans for asking for more cash contributions during a recent interview with TV 47.

Speaking on Kamuhunjia’s Youtube channel, Omosh has revealed that his plea was just a joke, and he did not expect Kenyans to take him seriously, let alone judge him harshly over the same.

Omosh reminded netizens that he has always been a comedian and said he thought Kenyans would take his request lightly.

“It was on a light note. You have seen my interviews, I am a joker. You know I’m an actor amd entertainer. I can say something to make you laugh and you guys are like what? Forgive me. I know I have hurt many people,” Omosh said.

Omosh is very thankful to everyone who came to his support, especially Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o who helped him raise almost a million shillings to sort his troubles.

The hilarious actor recently disclosed that he was once again broke months after receiving massive financial assistance from generous Kenyans.

He politely asked for more help, and people did not have it. Several citizens accused him of being ungrateful, especially since he did not work for the free money he was given.

Additionally, netizens created several memes mocking Omosh’s excessive borrowing nature.

Former Tahidi actor visited Omosh’s three-bedroomed house gifted to him by Kathy Andrews.

He confirmed that the building is almost complete for Omosh to move in with his family.

Last week, a video of a severely drunk Omosh leaked on the internet. One of Omosh’s neighbour’s reported that the actor had spent the money contributed to him in alcohol dens.

He also accused Omosh’s second wife, Shanty Mumbi, of being a worse drunkard than Omosh.

Eddy, a former actor of Tahidi high, came forward claiming that he had tried to call Omosh earlier this year, where he offered the actor free rehabilitation services.

Omosh, however, stated that he never received Eddy’s message.

Omosh has now agreed to go to rehab over his chronic alcohol addiction.

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