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    “I will not raise an illegitimate child” Says singer Samidoh

    Lately I feel like I’ve been writing more about breakups, deadbeat dads and baby mama drama leaving me to wonder whether this is a sign.

    Like… a sign to venture into counseling cause clearly there’s good money in therapy judging from the number of people breaking up and divorcing. But let me not lie, once I learn how to figure my own sh!t out – I might give this field a try.

    Anyway back to the usual break ups and drama from your favorite singer Samidoh and baby mama Karen Nyamu who have now given fans a reason to talk thanks to the videos on tiktok pages.

    How it started

    Well the latest drama was sparked by Karen Nyamu who shared a clip talking about what happens to a man and woman after a break up.

    Karen Nyamu

    Though it’s in kikuyu – Karen is heard saying that once the breakup happens the woman goes her way and for some reasons ends up gaining favor (maybe from the universe) while the guy ends up miserable and alone.

    Mmmh I know y’all are saying Ooliskia wapi at the back of your minds…but lol you can thank me later.

    With this video, fans quickly linked the shade to Samidoh since he is the guy Karen has been seeing a while back.

    Samidoh hitting back at Karen Nyamu?

    Having come across the clip, Samidoh hit back a few hours later with a video and judging from the music he was singing along to -trust me this was directed to an ex….and yes, you guessed it right – Karen Nyamu.

    Well the Kikuyu lyrics talked about a man putting up with a stubborn woman who he has been avoiding (drama issues) but then – she keeps pushing his buttons to see whether he can break. He however makes its known (still on the song) that there is nothing that can be done for him to allow her back to his life.

    What made the video obvious that he was talking about Karen Nyamu is the caption where he wrote;

    Ndi kurera shifta


    Which I’m told means ‘i will not raise somebody else’s kid’ and now question is….which of the kids is he talking about? The year old baby boy or the one on the way?

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