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Is Jalas in illuminati? Fans left wondering after he uploads a photo

Popular radio host Jalas has left his online fans wondering whether he has joined the popular occult, Illuminati.

Jalang’o recently uploaded a photo that sparked a lot of online debate. In the photo, he is seen making the vector sign.

One netizen, zebrajames was quick to warn Jalas to stop using the sign. He went ahead to explain the sign is linked to Illuminati.

However, another netizen replied in defence to Jalas. According to the fan, this is not the first time Jalang’o has used the sign.

netizens on Jalas and illuminati

“Hio sign ni yake, ama ujuangi?” daddycoo1804 commented.

However, zebrajames differed indicating Jalas may not be aware of what the sign meant.

netizens on Jalas and illuminati

Illuminati signs

The pyramid sign made by Jalas is only one of the various Illuminati signs. This sign symbolises money is not the source of all wrong. However, it is through money that one can gain the desired power and freedom.

The eye is another Illuminati sign. It symbolises the revolution of the human race. Man evolves rapidly through studying, practising and improving self. According to this sign, the Illuminati guides the human race.

Another Illuminati sign is the light. This sign means man is led by an internal compass pointing towards the sun.

The eternal is another symbol of Illuminati. According to the sign, every human being is part of a larger, timeless design. The sign indicates eternity.

The eternal sign emphasises a person’s activities have the potential to transform the future of the whole world.


Joining the Illuminati

According to their website, to join Illuminati, you need first to sign the eternal oath. The certificate goes for $ 20.

It is delivered in a scarlet envelope.

It is meant to be a form of reminder to the member. On signing it, he/she pledges on abiding by the society’s rules and improving humanity.

The Eternal Oath

However, this society is associated with the dark underworld. Many musicians and politicians display their symbols.

Jalas may be in the group. He has, however, not confirmed or denied anything yet.

Despite this negative belief, Illuminati insists they are a peaceful society with no affiliations to the devil. They, however, claim to focus on building the human race.

They offer a family to those who feel lonely and lost.

Members are issued with a pendant that can be worn. It helps in identifying their brothers anywhere in the world.

In case you feel like joining, this is their website.

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