Jacque Maribe Denies Romantic Relationship With Ben Kariuki Despite Kissing Him In Public


Former Citizen Tv presenter Jacque Maribe was recently spotted kissing her close friend, now alleged lover, Ben Kariuki at Zero 19 Lounge in Nyeri Town; eliciting dating rumors. You have to agree that a kiss on the lips is definitely a gesture of affection and you can’t just do it to anyone. And the palpable kiss that Maribe shared with him suggested that there’s more than friendship between them. I mean, you can’t just kiss your opposite gender friends on the lips. This is a peculiar gesture.

Lovers In Denial

Not only were the two lovebirds spotted kissing, but a cross check on their socials depicts that they enjoy a good time together. But Jacque seems to be in denial even after all this. The Tv personality shared a cryptic message on her Instagram stories, opining that nothing is going on between them and all are just rumours.

”Character development day is here… So here for it… When they think they know, they don’t know- Somebody’s proverb. Confuse thy enemies at any cost???”

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Maribe, who doubles up as Eric Omondi’s baby mama, has been in several relationship, some of which have ended in premium tears. For now, all she can do is accept moving on with her new man.

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