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Jalang’o confesses after being exposed for sleeping around and sharing women

Celebrated actor and Milele FM show host Felix Oduor popularly known as Jalang’o has finally addressed the issue where he was reported to be sleeping and sharing women with his Boys’ club.

In a post seen by Kenyannews.co.ke, the former Papa Shirandula actor disclosed that the past two days have not been easy for him and his close friends after their WhatsApp chats surfaced online. He went on to admit that indeed the chats came from their WhatsApp group.

He explained that the WhatsApp group had been there for so many years and through it, they had achieved a lot in developing themselves in different fields and more so investments which were the sole reason for the group.


Jalang’o claimed that they had been judged, crucified, and abused unfairly because no one was willing to share the genesis of the chats or the previous chats.

He went on to state that they will not defend themselves as the chats were just another random boys’ chat with the difference being theirs leaked to the public.

He went on to claim that people had blown the whole situation out of proportion adding that it had left them totally broken but they have taken it as a lesson.

He went on to claim that there was a lot of malice and hate around the leakage of their chats as no one wants to know the truth.

On the apartments that they were reported to use to sleep with women, Jalang’o stated that they had rented a house after his friends closed their offices due to the Coronavirus pandemic and have been helping him shoot his YouTube videos.


He explained that no one used to spend the night at the apartments unless they had an overnight shoot or editing going on.

Early this week, popular blogger Edgar Obare got hold of Jalango’s chats with his boys and shared them on his Instagram account. The WhatsApp chats revealed how they lured women with free drinks, road trips, and money as they compared who was the beast when it came to bedroom matters.

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