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Jalang’o denies refusing to help late comedian Othuol Othoul raise Ksh. 15,000 for MRI

Radio show host Jalang’o has denied claims made by a blogger that he was the one who refused to help late comedian Othuol Othuol with Ksh15, 000 for an MRI procedure at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The screenshot which went viral showed the comedian who passed after a long battle with a brain tumor asking a friend to help him raise the amount for the procedure which the friend only responded to after reports went around that he had passed.

Jalang’o in a long post wondered why a blogger just woke up one morning and decided to connect him with the screenshot.

Othuol Othuol is dead
(On the right) Othuol Othuol perfoming at Churchill show. (Othuo Othuol while admited at KNH before his death. Jalang’o denies refusing to help late Comedian Othuol Othoul raise Ksh. 15,000 for MRI.

He explained that nowadays, he is used to being associated with such claims and it does not bother him anymore.

“So a blogger somewhere woke up and decided that the Othuol screenshot asking for 15k is me…You see nowadays am so used to being associated with anything…I woke up and I saw this blog saying ” HOW JALANGO DENIED OTHUOL 15K ” Woow, do you know how you sit somewhere and wonder what you ever did to people,” read part of his statement.

He noted that people always look for a way to bring others down.

He explained that Kenyan comedians have a WhatsApp group where Sandra Dacha had been collecting money from the time Othuol Othuol was admitted for the first time.

He added that they have had more than three fundraisers that had been sorting his bills and had been him Othuol Othuol till the last minute.

He went on to send a message to the blogger saying that since he had decided to associate him with such allegations, he was not going to change his mind.

Jalang’o noted that his friendship with Othuol Othuol would never change, since he was the first person to have him on a Luo Play, gave him his first TV job, his first TV advert, and was the first person to have him do standup comedy.

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