Home Entertainment Jalang'o issues warning to Kamene Goro for shouting at him on radio

Jalang’o issues warning to Kamene Goro for shouting at him on radio

The Kiss Fm morning show is always full of drama from the energetic co-hosts, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro. However, despite having their wonderful moments, the co-hosts sometimes find themselves at loggerheads.

Recently, the two had a major disagreement after Kamene Goro raised her voice at Jalang’o while trying to put her point across.

Kamene narrated a story on how she came from home before Jalang’o interrupted her for repeating the same narrative.

Miss Goro did not appreciate the interruption and quickly got angry at Jalang’o for dismissing her point.

She started defending herself in a loud tone, asking if her rights were being denied just because she was a woman.

Her co-host took offense to how Kamene reacted and went ahead to warn her against shouting at him again in the future.

Jalang’o mentioned that not even his mother raises his voice at him, and thus, he would not accept such behavior from any woman.

He added that he always respects women and will never shout at Kamene Goro either, no matter the circumstances.

“Listen and listen well. In your life, while I’m with you here, don’t you ever, ever, raise your voice at me again. Please, please, not even my mum does that. I won’t allow that. I will always respect you, and I’ll never raise my voice at you. I don’t know how to do that,” said Jalang’o.

Upon realising how much she offended her work partner, Kamene Goro humbly apologised and promised never to do so again.

She acknowledged that it was true that Jalang’o never raised his voice at her and commended him for it.

Other Jalang’o and Kamene disagreements

Approximately three months ago, the duo got into another heated argument on radio.

They disagreed over whether Kamene Goro’s male friends were genuine or there for what they could get from her.

Jalang’o advised Kamene that no man befriends a woman for a genuine reason and that she would come to realise that in the future.

Kamene, however, stood her ground, stating that not all men have ulterior motives.

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