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Jamal Rohosafi says his wife learnt about his affair with Amber Ray on social media

Chairman of matatu operators in Nairobi CBD, Jamal Rofosafi, has for the first time spoken publicly about his marriage to businesswoman Amber Ray and how his first wife, Amira, discovered the news.

Jamal was today, April 19th, hosted on Bonga na Jalas show, where he showered several praises on his second wife Amber Ray, saying she gave him all he needed.

Jamal Rohosafi, who for a long time wanted a second wife, began seeing socialite Amber Ray without informing his wife.

It was when he was about to tell her that blogger Edgar Obare blew up the whole story.

Jamal, who hails from a family of 14, opened up about how he went home and apologized to his wife that day.

Unfortunately, Amira did not take the news well, and the couple ended up quarreling and ignoring each other for a week.

Jamal Rohosafi’s family had to swoop in to help solve the matter.


“We had a quarrel, and we didn’t talk to each other for like a week. This forced my family to intervene because they love her so much. I had to remind her that I always wanted to marry a second wife,” said Jamal.

The father of two also confessed to being a spendthrift before meeting Amber Ray.

He asked his wife to thank Amber Ray for coming into their lives since the man previously spent over ksh 50,000 a day on women.

“My wife should know that Amber Ray is a blessing. She has made me change my bad habits. She understood me as I am,” he said.

The two made their union official last month, and Jamal thanked Amber for being an amazing wife.

He said that he settled with Amber because she was aggressive and the most difficult person to approach.

She added that Amber did not wish to become a second wife upon meeting him.

The matatu boss finished by reassuring his first wife that he will always love her and that she will never lack anything in life.

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