Jamal Rohosafi’s first wife says his marriage to Amber Ray won’t last long


Professional make-up artist and first wife to aspiring politician Jamal Rohosafi, has spoken out for the first time regarding her husband’s affair and marriage to socialite Amber Ray.

The lady who goes by the username being_Amira on Instagram, hosted a q&a series, where her fans got to ask her several questions relating to her personal and marital life.

One fan inquired on how she felt when Amber Ray allegedly invaded her marriage, to which she responded by saying that, just like mangoes, Amber Ray is with her husband for a limited time.

“Hehee, usiyadharau madafu, maembe ni ya msimu,” answered Amira.

Amira has been married to Jamal Rohosafi for seventeen years now, and together they are blessed with two young boys.

The two knew each other before the fame and money as their families have been close throughout the years.

Amira’s friendship with Amber

Amira further revealed on her Insta stories that she used to speak with Amber Ray until she realised the socialite’s real intentions with her husband.

Amber Ray apparently approached Amira first as a good Syokimau neighbour with the intentions of selling her baby clothes. She proceeded to even hook Amira up with an eyebrow revamp artist.

At this time, Jamal’s first wife said she had been in Dubai for long and had yet to learn about Amber Ray’s supposed ‘husband snatching’ behaviour upon returning to the country.

After establishing a relationship with Jamal’s wife, Amber Ray got finally invited to their house.

“Was Amber Ray a friend or just a neighbour in Syokimau? ” inquired a fan.

To which Amira replied saying,

“One day I get a random call, hey sasa, it’s your neighbour, Unaweza kuja uone nguo za watoto nauza? Mimi huyoo… First of all, hata simjui, I’ve been in Dubai for quite some time. So sikua najua what kind of person she was. Yaani, I even went to her house to get my lashes done after she called me like 15 times niharakishe. Weeeh, making things worse, I even asked her to come to my house kama jirani mwema.”

Jamal Rohosafi’s first wife also denied claims that Amber Ray is officially married to her husband or that he bought her her one-year-old Rangerover vehicle.

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