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    Jamila Kizondo: Kenyan Woman Hawking Food in Atlanta Featured on US TV Station

    A Kenyan woman who went viral for hawking Swahili delicacies in Atlanta has been featured on a TV show in the US.

    Jamila Kizondo sells Swahili foods in the US.

    Kizondo speaks on US station

    Jamila Kizondo, the proprietor of JKizondo Swahili Bites, was featured on Fox 5 as part of the black history month.

    Speaking to the outlet, Kizondo, who has been in Atlanta for almost three years, said she embarked on her catering business to share not only the Swahili food but also the culture.

    “We need to be proud of who we are. I felt that Swahili cuisines had not gotten a chance to be understood.

    I intend to bring the cuisine to this part of the world and also give emphasis on Swahili culture and experience,” she said.

    Hubby inspires Kizondo’s business

    The mother of two previously told that she moved to the US in 2019 with her American husband, a basketball coach.

    However, the business idea was born earlier while still living in Japan.

    “After moving to Japan, I wanted to do something on my own because I am used to hustling. That’s when my husband told me that since I have so much passion for cooking, I should introduce Swahili food to the Japanese people and that was how it started,” she said.

    Americans’ love for Swahili food

    Kizondo divulged that her clientele is not limited to East Africans, saying:

    “Americans love the Swahili food. I endeavour to give them more than food; I give them the Swahili culture and even the language.”

    The businesswoman added that she prepares the food at home but hopes to have a food truck or a shop to serve her numerous clients.

    Jamila sources her ingredients in international food markets in the US, and if she fails to get some, she makes arrangements with her mother, who is in Kenya, and sends them to the US.

    “I would like the Ministry of Tourism to taken me on as a an ambassador for Kenyan food and culture because it is my forte,” she said.


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