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Jimal Rohosafi’s wife denies threatening to poison herself and her kids

Matatu boss Jimal Rohosafi’s first wife Amira has refuted claims that she threatened to poison herself and her children because of the Amber Ray drama.

In an interview on Switch TV, Amira stated that she has gone through a lot in life and cannot kill herself now that she’s achieved the success she always desired.

According to Amira, Amber Ray accused her falsely in order to ruin her reputation.

“Mi hustle kwa shida sai wakati nimeomoka ndio nitajiuwa? Ni uongo mtupu, she’s trying to make me look bad,” said Amira.

This allegation was made by Jimal’s second wife Amber Ray, a few weeks ago via her Instagram account.

She claimed that Amira had been seeking public sympathy while acting irrationally behind the scenes.

The socialite accused her co-wife of sending her threatening messages via their husband’s car dashboard and also pressuring Jimal for a divorce.

Amber Ray said she was tired of remaining silent and being the bigger person in the situation.

Amira, a make-up artist and great chef mentioned that threatening Amber would not benefit her.

When asked about her thoughts on her husband sharing their secrets with Amber Ray, the mother of two said she felt very disrespected.

Amira subsequently disclosed that she learnt about her husband’s marriage to Amber Ray via social media.

She made it clear that she doesn’t acknowledge Amber Ray as her co-wife as she is yet to see any marriage certificates.

Nana Owiti and Kush Tracey of Switch TV were also curious to know why Amira had travelled to Dubai for years, leaving her husband and children behind.

Amira shared that she moved to Dubai to take a crash course in make-up with Sephora. However, she frequently travelled back to Kenya to see her two sons, as Dubai is only four hours away.

Amira finished by saying she is unwilling to mend her relationship with Amber and that they don’t need her forgiveness.

After Amira’s interview, Jimal Rohosafi treated Amber Ray to a staycation at the luxurious Kempinski hotel in Nairobi.

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