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    Jose Chameleon’s brother Pallaso Swallows Pride, Sweeps Streets after Turning Up Late for a Show

    • Ugandan music star Pallaso has taken to social media with a note of apology to his fans and supporters
    • The music star arrived late to a scheduled show causing those who had attended to wait for several hours
    • Pallaso also went the extra mile, sweeping several streets in a bid to appease enraged fans and assure them that he remains humble

    Many music stars are guilty of making late appearances at shows where they have been scheduled to perform, and Ugandan superstar Pallaso is no different.

    Singer Pallaso sweeps streets to appease fans

    The singer, however, returned to social media with a note of apology to his fans and music lovers after he kept them waiting for several hours at a show where he was billed to perform.

    A remorseful Pallaso issued a public apology on Facebook and took complete responsibility for his actions.

    He wrote:

    “To all my fans in Masaka, I sincerely apologize for making it late for the show last night. I understand why you ran out of patience and the situation went out of hand. It was my fault and i am truly sorry.”

    Interestingly, the singer didn’t stop at apologising as he also went the extra mile in letting his displeased supporters know that he is truly sorry for his actions.

    Pallaso was spotted sweeping the streets in pictures shared on his official Facebook page.

    The action is to remind all and sundry that he is still a son that holds his people in high esteem.

    See below:

    Reactions trail Pallaso’s action

    Suzie Muhara Wa Henry said:

    “It’s okay our dear one cause no one is perfect but we need a show, so please think about it, you plan and come back. Otherwise blessings my boyfriend in music. One love Dede, Jah bless.”

    Mullungi Shamirah said:

    “Thank you, am sure they needed to hear this apology.they were really hurt.”

    Kalisa Van Daniel said:

    “Pallaso your so mature my brother indeed you deserve applauses no musician can do this but you have proved maturity to them ur okey even let other musicians do the same to show how much they love their fans.”

    Juniour Bagonza said:

    “Ur incredible in all artists brother and I Kno next Time, Time will cry for not catching you up, but we will be organizing it in bulakati lukaya.”

    Basemera Elizabeth said:

    “Awwwi apologise on your behalf too my dear…please forgive him and forget abt the incident.”

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