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‘My simba’ Julie Gichuru gushes over husband as they celebrate 17-year marriage anniversary

Media personality Julie Gichuru has for the longest time tried to keep her marital and family affairs away from the privy eyes of social media fanatics. However, some occasions are too special to pass by without her sharing with her fans.

Earlier today, the former Citizen Tv presenter took to Instagram to share a new milestone in her life.

After getting married to her long term sweetheart Anthony Gichuru back in the year 2003, the two are currently celebrating their 17-year marriage anniversary which she is very proud about.

Through her post, Julie could not help gushing over her husband Anthony, who she referred to as her lion, which signifies his strength and courage to lead his family.

The journalist further thanked Mr Gichuru for always being a great husband throughout the years and being an awesome father to their children too.

She further disclosed that her husband has never hesitated to support herein any decisions throughout their partnership.

”We did this babe! I am so thankful for the husband and father that you are. I honour you my simba. Where we stand, our Mwaura is always with us. Dear Lord, when I went on my knees to pray for your guidance and protection, you heard me. You are our alpha and Omega and we honour you,” wrote Julie Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru family

Julie Gichuru and her husband’s relationship started back in 1999 as their two families were close friends. Together, they sired five children Joseph, Njeri ,Kimoshe , Daniel and David .

However, just as she landed a job as a primetime news anchor on Nation TV, a tragic loss landed on their family.

Julie Gichuru’s third-born son David passed on after choking during mealtime on puree. Her son was being fed by the house nanny when he started choking and was rushed to the hospital.

The young boy, however, failed to make it after the huge dose of adrenaline administered on him became too heavy to bear.

Julie Gichuru reported that she had to fake a smile at work, just to cover the pain of losing her son.



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