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Justina Syokau seeking more financial help days after fundraising sh 900,000

‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker Justina Syokau has resurfaced online, asking her fans for their financial assistance.

This comes three days after she held a fundraising event at Ikombe Yatta, Kilimani, for her medical bill.

Comedian and entertainer Dr Ofwaneke hosted the event where they managed to raise kshs 900,000 to help offset Justina’s 2 million shillings hospital bill.

Despite that, on May 9th, Oracle ministries pastor Lucy Natasha paid a visit to Justina Syokau’s humble aboard with weeks’ worth of food and household shopping.

Rev Lucy Natasha also prayed for her and mobilised her online fans who contributed money for a broke miss Syokau.

Netizens were outraged today, June 2nd, by Justina Syokau, who went on her Facebook account pleading for money for her studio sessions so she could record more music for her fans.

Some netizens branded her a conwoman, claiming that she uses unsuspecting Kenyans to finance her expensive lifestyle.

A few weeks ago, Justina was spotted in the company of two bodyguards despite claiming that she couldn’t even afford food.

Other fans bashed Justina for being lazy. They asked her to get a real job instead of spending months on end asking for charity.

She was termed a ‘professional beggar’ with netizens noting that she had received brand endorsement deals during the time she declared she was broke.

Here’s what some had to say;

@MarieHarrly “Queen of online beggars. Just admit you are broke like any other Kenyan. Dada, hii life haitaki competition.

@NgareJunior You are now becoming a professional beggar. Juzi tu ndo umechangiwa, then ukaadvertise Safaricom, pesa umepeleka wapi? We are not boarding.

Justina syokau begging

The mother of one was just last year bragging of her numerous investments, which included rental houses and a security farm, during an interview with Milele Fm’s Chris the Bass.

Sadly, she revealed that she lost all her money and property trying to treat a skin disease that ambushed her around January 2021.

In an interview with ‘Kamuhujia’ on YouTube, Justina mentioned that all her friends deserted her, leaving her relying only on her house help and son.

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