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Kaltun Jama shares journey from Somali Radio to NTV News Anchor

NTV News Anchor Kaltun Jama has been among NTV presenters who have graced the screens of millions of Kenyans for three years now.

In a previous interview with a local publication, the media personality noted that her rise to the top, a spotlight she shares with some of the big anchors in the media industry like Frida Mwaka, Salim Swaleh, Lofty Matambo, among others, has not been easy.

Kaltun said she began her journey in the media in a Somali Radio station located in Nairobi, where she worked as a reporter earning Sh8,000 a month.

She would later rise to the ranks after landing a job at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), which she said was the most pivotal point in her career.

“It is now almost four years since I started working as a journalist. My first job was at a certain company that was paying Sh8,000. It was a Somali Radio Station,” Jama said.

She explained that She landed a job at NTV in 2018 when she tried her luck and applied to the TV station after mass exits by its employees.

Jama further disclosed that her passion for the media industry started right from her childhood when she used to read newspaper articles to her family and friends.

She carried on with her talent to High School, where her interest in the Kiswahili language blossomed.

”Back in High school at Isiolo Girls, I always read Swahili set books. That was where I started honing my skill. While young, I used to read newspapers for my relatives,” she recalled.

Since her career is now paving into view, the journalist said she looks up to African Uncensored founder and investigative journalist John Allam Namu because of the great job he does.

Jama advised the upcoming journalist to join the industry fully prepared and keep an open mind while stepping into the often first-paced world of news distribution.

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