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Kamene Goro addresses rumors that she is dating Joe Muchiri

KISS FM radio host has finally spoken out on the reports claiming she is in a relationship with nightlife king Joe Muchiri.

The two were recently spotted at 1824, hanging out. They had matching hoodies, pink in color, and that’s what got everyone talking.

Her KISS FM co-host, Felix Odiwour, aka Jalang’o, did not help the situation when he commented on her Instagram post, insinuating they were a couple.

“I am very happy for the two of you! You are the best couple I know. May God bless your union! Hapa ni mapenzi tu! Joe Muchiri, I knew you would one day join the family. In Kamene, you’ve found true love! Happy Valentine’s, my people!” Jalang’o commented on Kamene’s post.

During today’s breakfast show, Kamene cleared the rumors. Jalang’o asked her why they decided to wear matching outfits that fateful day.

“How did you find yourselves in matching hoodies in 1824? You two can try to hide these things, but love will always manifest itself,” he said.

“You two look good together, and I think you are a lovely couple,” Jalang’o added.

Kamene dismissed her co-host’s sentiments, noting that the matching outfits was a mere coincidence.

 “I don’t know how it happened. We find ourselves wearing matching clothes with other people daily. It was a coincidence,” she said.

Private love-life

Kamene Goro is one of the few celebrities that keep their love lives private. However, she has on several occasions told fans about her marriage that did not work out.

She revealed that her former husband broke up with her via a phone call. At the time, Kamene had put a hold on her career and relocated to Tanzania to be with her husband. She got married when she was 23 years old.

“So we were just talking on the phone, and somewhere in the middle of the conversation, he just told me we couldn’t be together anymore, and that’s how it ended,” Kamene said during an interview.

Kamene also revealed that she was a hopeless romantic. At some point, she got a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name. Two weeks later, they broke up, and she had to cover it up.

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